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The Closing of Red Cypress Brewing (Ep. 66)

In this surreal episode, Mike and Jeff cover the sad news of the closing of Red Cypress Brewing in Winter Springs, FL. Red Cypress was the very first brewery featured on the podcast in it's current format, as well as an integral part to the success of At The Bar Podcast.

To Ryan and the RCB family; thank you for supporting us, dedicating time to our show, and for always being welcoming and accommodating. We wish you all the best and hope our paths cross again in the near future.

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Sam Adams Email & The Merger (Ep. 65)

We can all thank Jeff for the "Chicken Attack" intro. Youtube gold!

Mike and Jeff FINALLY had the time to record an episode we've been wanting to do for some time. We discuss an email from a listener about our Boston Lager comment from Episode 63. The guys also cover the biggest craft beer news is recent memory, possibly of all time. The Dogfish Head/Boston Beer Company merger.

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