"Bar Conversations and Beer Explorations"


Bar Conversations & Beer Explorations

ATBP's History

Here's a little backstory.  Mike had his first experience podcasting as a class assignment while enrolled at the University of Central Florida.  It was an 8 minute discussion about which fast food joints were better with his friend Greg.  A few months later when Mike turned 21 in 2009, he went to his first craft beer fest in Downtown Orlando.  $35 to drink as much as you can in 4 hours?!  It was an easy sell.  It was at that festival when Mike was introduced to craft beer.  In the days following, Mike was obsessed and had to tell everyone.  As his passion for craft beer grew, he got more and more of his friends to try all the different flavors and styles.  It wasn't long until Mike's passion for craft beer was merged into this new media of podcasting.  At The Bar Podcast was originally debuted in November 2010 when Mike and his 2 friends decided to hang out, shoot the shit, and most of all, get drunk together.

After recording a few episodes, life took priority.  Over the course of the next 5 years, Mike would release content for At The Bar Podcast off and on.  It wasn't until October of 2015 that Mike made the decision to fully commit to the brand.  Working 2 jobs and finishing his last semester at UCF, Mike made the decision to leave his job at World of Beer - UCF Area.  At that time, the General Manager was Jeff, whom Mike hardly knew.  In the few times they talked, Mike thought Jeff had a great personality.  About 10 minutes after quitting, Mike asked Jeff if he'd be interested in being his co-host for At The Bar Podcast.  Reluctantly with no podcast experience, Jeff agreed to give it a shot.

And the rest is history.

..You can either be the little fish in the big pond, or the big fish in the little pond….it’s all about approach.
— Mike


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